Gallery: ChumpCar “Laguna Chumpa” Grand Prix

For those unfamiliar with ChumpCar, the rules are simple: buy a car valued at under $500, kit it out with the required safety equipment, and go racing. While in practice the regulations end up being slightly more complicated than that, the end result is a full field of evenly matched, race prepped beaters with loads of personality. The event was just as competitive as an SCCA weekend but with a refreshing, jocular atmosphere and a sense of humor.

ChumpCar ran three endurance races at Laguna Seca over July 4th weekend: a six-hour race on Friday and seven-hour races Saturday and Sunday. Teams and drivers came from all over the country with a strong contingent of Canadian racers included as well. If this sounds like something you want to be invloved in, and you have the requisite DIY attitude, head to for more information and a full schedule. If you aren’t in a position to build your own car, teams are often looking for drivers on the forum for specific events. This is something I would definitely like to do in the future.

I also took some video of the race.

Special thanks to Bill and Sandi. I appreciate you having me.

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