Video: Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series

The cars were already on track when I arrived at the circuit. The pack of screaming Audi Lamborghini V10 engines was the perfect opportunity to dial in the levels on my mics. It took a few passes, but I am pretty satisfied with the results. The video accurately reproduces the metallic exhaust note and violent peaks of the downshifts. The new Huracan was notably louder, and more abrasive, than the Gallardo with much sharper shifts. I certainly hope we get to see it line up against other GT3 machinery in the future.

Video: Microphone Test

Having recently purchased a video-capable DSLR, finally joining the 21st century, I wanted to make sure that the sounds of the track are represented at least somewhat accurately. To that end I’ve picked up an Audio Technica stereo microphone. On a whim, I took a peek at the track and lucked out. There was a track day which brought a bunch of very cool, and very diverse sounding, cars to the area. I’m fairly pleased with the results. Far from perfect but I’m sure I’ll improve with time.